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A $50 deposit is required for all treatments 45 minutes and over at the time of booking.

Failure to provide us with 24 hour notification, on the day rescheduling or cancellation will result in your deposit being forfeited. 

Skincare Treatment


GINGER&ME is dedicated to the Sisterhood with a focus on mindfulness, empowerment, and skin health results. Carefully crafted face, body and gifting collections join the signature ‘Mindfulness Sessions’, professional treatments featuring a guided meditation, to support skin, mind and body health.


A mindfulness brand, skin journey and connection to help navigate our modern world, crazy lives and to encourage every GINGER to find their ME.


RADIANCE FACIAL  - 45mins  $130

A skin-mind moisture explosion guaranteed to calm, soothe and hydrate the skin and mind; plumps and smooths fine lines and wrinkles, supports critical cell-to cell communication whilst empowering a healthy state of mind and attitude.



Guaranteed to give you the complete skin, mind and body experience. Forget the noise of the outside world and focus on a guided mindfulness facial that will calm, refresh and ultimately inspire you to “choose your tude”. This is a facial like nothing you have ever experienced before



Perfect for those wanting everything skin, mind, body & MORE. Boost your signature treatment with 1 or 2 of GINGER&ME’ clinical upgrade peel and or masks to enjoy the ultimate cosmedical and luxurious Skin, Mind and Body treatment.

MICRODERMABRASION - 30mins $109                                                               

Add on Peel $29

This treatment is excellent to smooth lines and wrinkles, tone and even the complexion. Excellent for refining pores, scars and reducing pigmentation. Right from the very first treatment, the skin is brighter and smoother.



Perfect for time poor, skin focused individuals wanting a no fuss treatment with all the results


  • Radiance Enzyme Clinical Peel - 30mins  $99


Gently exfoliates, soothes and brings radiance to dull and textured skins. A modern approach to peeling using the combination of two potent exfoliating enzymes that will take your skin treatments to the next level.


  • Youth Activating Clinical Peel - 30mins  $99


The ultimate multi-tasking, triple action exfoliation peel, offers a superior rate of gentle exfoliation. With a total of 20% strength, this unique combination of Gluconic Acid, MultiFruit Acid and Lactic Acid makes this peel the perfect exfoliating peel to enhance results.



DERMAPEN 4 - 30mins  $275                                                           

The DermaPen4 also known as collagen induction therapy, creates superficial micro-channels, which allows topical gels, creams and serums to be absorbed more efficiently into the skin. The benefits of micro-needling are a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, younger-looking skin with fewer signs of ageing, reduced pigmentation and stretch marks.

DERMALUX LED LIGHT THERAPY - 30mins  $70 | Add on 15mins $42                    The perfect treatment for those short on time while still seeking maximum results. 

LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that harnesses the power of the visible and infrared part of the light spectrum to energise cellular functions to stimulate various cellular processes. Skin cells function better and regenerate faster to resolve skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, scarring, pigmentation, psoriasis and wrinkles. A course of treatments taken in close succession is recommended for optimum results. Following a single Dermalux treatment, clients can expect immediate improvement in skin tone, hydration and overall radiance, which will continue in the following days. Redness and irritation is calmed. 


Face Treatment


Brow Code Tint can last up to 3-4 weeks. This treatment requires no hydrogen peroxide or ammonia to develop the colour, so it is a great natural alternative to tinting and lasts longer, which is a bonus.


Brow Code Tint - 30mins $55

Brow Code Tint + Eyebrow Wax - 30mins $80               


Eyelash - $30

Eyebrow  - $25

Eyelash & Eyebrow- $50 



Eyelash Extensions are individual synthetic fibres curved to replicate the shape of natural eyelashes. Eyelash Extensions will vary in length, curl, thickness and are individually applied to your own lashes.


Semi-permanent lashes are designed to shed the same way as your natural lashes, so your eyelash extensions should last 4 to 6 weeks if properly maintained. Ongoing infills will generally be every 2-3 weeks.

Classic Full Set - 90mins $160

Infills - 45 mins Fr $80

Russian Volume Full Set - 90mins $190

Infills - 45 mins Fr $100

Removal - 15 mins $20


Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift is a low maintenance lash solution for clients, as results last for up to 8 weeks. Using your own lashes, it is permed against a silicon pad to give it a natural looking "lift". These are perfect for those who have straight or downward facing natural lashes, giving your eyes and face an instant lift. You will look more awake and even more youthful.


Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift + Eyelash Tint - 30mins $129


Brow Lamination, Eyebrow Wax & Eyebrow Tint - 30mins $139

Brow lamination is designed to straighten the brow hair resulting in an instantly full, lifted and fluffy brow. Many people are mistaking LAMINATION for Microblading, it enhances each natural, individual hair stroke that much! The process essentially involves straightening eyebrow hairs using Brow Code's LUSTRE Lamination Kit with it's unique step by step treatment guide, so that all hairs stand in the desired direction. This treatment has incredible results teamed with our Brow Tint.

Tint and Lustre Lamination service.jpg
Tint and Lustre Lamination service.jpg
Eyelash treament
Long beautiful eyelashes
Eyebrow shaping
Eyelash extensions
Indus Valley Henna Service.jpg

Hair Removal


Eyebrow Wax

Eyebrows - $30

Lip - $15

Lip & Eyebrows - $40

Lip & Chin - $30

Lip, Eyebrows & Chin - $60

Chin - $22

Sides of face - $22

Full face (inc. Lip & Eyebrow) - $75

Beautician waxing leg

Bikini - $35

G-String - $45

Brazilian - $68

Underneath - $17

Half Leg - $40

Half Leg & Bikini - $70

Half Leg & G-String - $80

Half Leg & Brazilian - $103

Thigh - $45

Thigh & Bikini - $75

Thigh & G-String - $85

Thigh & Brazilian - $108

Full Leg - $60

Full Leg & Bikini - $90

Full leg & G String - $100

Full Leg & Brazilian - $123

Full Arm - $49

Half Arm - $37

Underarm - $28

Tummy Line - $17

Fingers & Toes - $5

Salon wax being poured into jar

Half leg - $45

Full leg - $70

Chest & Stomach - $55

Back - $55

Shoulder - $35

Neck - $20

Eyebrow  - $30

Middle Eyebrow - $5

Half Arm - $42

Full Arm - $57


Face & Body Treatments 

Tanned legs.jpg
Tanned lady

Achieve bronzed, glowing skin in as little as an hour with Custom Tan. Enriched with moisturising qualities, your skin becomes radiant and glows. By choosing when to shower, create your desired tan colour. So say goodbye to the days of sleeping in your tan and ruining your bed sheets.


Custom Tan allows you to apply after work and hit the town that night with the confidence of a natural looking tan without the fake tan smell. Each treatment is 2 coats.


Full Body                                           $50

We use “State of the Art” piercing instruments.

The most innovated and technologically advanced instrument. The “touch-free” ear piercing process highlights: safety, hygiene, and ease of use. The one piece cartridge gives smooth operation and ensures proper alignment of the stud with clasp. System 75 provides two instruments, for simultaneous piercing. This is especially important when piercing young children’s ears.


At Rubyroom we only pierce with Studex products, the leading and largest manufacturer worldwide.
We use their standard gun as well as the system75. Every time we pierce everything is single use and packaged individually to put your mind at ease.


Rubyroom uses STUDEX the world’s largest ear piercing manufacturer.

  • 100% hypoallergenic

  • U.S. FDA and EC compliant

  • Trusted by more retailers, jewellers and physicians than any other system in the world

  • The safest ear piercing guaranteed


Ear - $47

Single Ear - $37

Dual Ear - $57

Nose - $60

Belly - $80

Tragus -$80

Jewellery change - $10

Belly Bars- $20

Antiseptic Spray - $11


*All needle piercing includes antiseptic spray


Laser Hair Removal 

Skin care - lady with hands on legs

At Rubyroom Beauty we offer the most effective permanent hair removal system. The Candela GentleLASE is the lastest hair removal technology. It is fast, comfortable and effective. Only Candela lasers feature the skin cooling device- the Dynamic Cooling Device (DCDTM) to maximise patient safety and comfort. Candela GentleLASE treats patients efficiently with the largest spot size and fastest repetition rate found on any hair removal laser. We will assess your hair and skin type to personalise your treatment to achieve the best results possible.

Most treatments are 4-6 weeks or 6-8 weeks apart and around 6-8 treatments are needed depending on skin and hair type.



  • All areas to be treated should be shaved the day prior to treatment. Any hair that is above the surface of the skin will absorb light that is intended for the hair follicle.

  • No waxing, tweezing or electrolysis at least 4 weeks before treatment.

  • Avoid exposure from the sun, tanning beds and fake tans 2 weeks prior laser hair removal.


  • No skin exposure to extreme heat

  • Apply 30+ SPF to treated area

  • No exercise for 48hrs

  • No make-up or fake tan for 24hrs

























pre-pay 6*










































pre-pay 6*



























Lip & Chin




Brazilian & underarms


Half leg
Full leg
Full arm
Half arm





Tummy line



Shaving fee for laser $15

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening.jpg

Brighten your smile with our teeth whitening system, proven to be safe and effective. Forget having to go to the dentist when you can use our quick and affordable treatment with the same results. Rubyroom's advance triple treatment is performed in 1 hour and utilises approved materials and equipment that works on tougher stains to result in faster whitening. Proven to comfortably and safely whiten your teeth in just a single treatment, you will be able to smile with confidence.

60mins $199


Gift Vouchers

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Are valid for 12 months after purchase date.

Expired gift vouchers cannot be honoured or extended.

.Gift packages are set and treatments cannot be swapped for other treatments or monetary value.

Packages must be used in 1 booking and cannot be split over multiple appointments.

Over the phone purchases are available.

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Our Terms


Please choose carefully as we do not give refunds on products and gift vouchers if you change your mind.

Prices subject to change without prior notice.



A $50 deposit is required for all treatments 45 minutes and over at the time of booking.

Failure to provide us with 24 hour notification, on the day rescheduling or cancellation will result in you deposit being forfeited. 


We require 24 hours notice for any appointment cancellation. Fees may apply. Packages will incur a 50% redemption.



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