Treatment Description Duration Price
Traditional Facial

A Classic facial incorporating the use of traditional masks, adaptable to individual skin needs.

45 Mins $75
Heart of the Ocean Treatment

Enriched with concentrates tailored to your skin type, along with the vital force and benefits of the Oceans to help restore perfect skin quality. Delivering intense and lasting hydration.

The skin is replenished from within and the complexion is radiant. Formulas, rich in remineralising powers, along with a tension relieving massage inspired by rhythmic movements of the sea – a true THALGO signature treatment.

60 Mins $90
Micronized Marine Algae

Combining pure natural algae with marine extract, this treatment is naturally rich in minerals and vitamins. It stabilises oil secretions and purifies the skin. The treatment provides all the elements needed for healthy skin.

60 Mins $90
Collagen Smooth Treatment

For dehydrated skin with fine lines This beautifying treatment of Collagen smooths fine lines and intensely hydrates the skin.

The skin is smooth, radiant and healthy looking. With instant results this is the perfect facial for any special occasion.

60 Mins $115
Silicium Firming Treatment

For antiaging skin requiring lifting and firming

A warming mineral mask incorporates benefits of lifting and firming to the neck and jawline, along with a cooling mask on the upper face, boosting hydrating and plumping effects on the skin. This luxurious facial is the perfect duo for the ultimate antiaging effect on the skin.

60 Mins $125

This treatment is excellent to smooth lines and wrinkles, tone and even the complexion.

Great for refining pores, scars and reducing pigmentation. Right from the very first treatment, the skin is brighter and smoother.

45 Mins $129
Microdermabrasion and Resurfacing Peel

Speed treatment results with combined AHA & BHA peel providing solution focused, targeted results for your specific skin needs. Under the guidance of our skin experts, your skin will be at its best for your next upcoming event.

50 Mins $139